Its not YOU, or your CLEANER, it may be your FLOOR…

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More than 25 years ago, a senior executive for one of the largest chemical companies in the world directed his team of PHD Chemists to solve his biggest problem.  It wasn’t related to running the business, but actually keeping peace at home.  His wife wanted to know why their marble floors rarely looked clean.  Certainly a company like Union Carbide could figure out the problem and create a product that could clean marble.  They could and they did, investing more than $7 million dollars in developing an entirely new way to clean without using acids or solvents. In fact, it worked great in the lab, but when it reached its final test… the most important test, the results were not “a new floor appearance.”  …but it worked! How is this possible?

There is a difference between cleaning and restoring damage.  You can brush your teeth daily, but if you have a cavity, cleaning will not repair it.  You have to fill that cavity before you are comfortable again.  After that, you then can maintain it with proper care.